TERI Institute: Chef Pachauri nog steeds in functie

16 Aug

Pachauri is nog volop aan het werk bij TERI, en niet tot ieders genoegen. Men verdenkt hem van beïnvloeding van medewerkers die direct of indirect te maken hebben met de beschuldigingen aan zijn adres. Het instituut is kennelijk niet in staat om duidelijkheid over zijn positie en over zijn aangekondigde opvolging te geven, aldus een artikel in Daily News & Analysis of India (DNA) van 13 Augustus 2015:

“New Delhi: Employees at The Energy and Research Institute (TERI) who had petitioned its governing council for removal of its director- general RK Pachauri, who is accused of sexual harassment, have said that it is business as usual at TERI as Pachauri is meeting with all departments, causing them discomfort. Pachauri is also likely to be the chief guest at TERI University’s Independence Day function in Vasant Kunj, sources said, since he is restrained by the court to enter premises of TERI’s headquarters at India Habitat Centre. Pachauri is the Chancellor of the University.
After a meeting on July 23, TERI’s governing council comprising of Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Deepak Parekh and Naina Lal Kidwai announced that Ajay Mathur, directorgeneral of Bureau of Energy Efficiency will be replacing Pachauri as its head. But, a statement released on behalf of TERI did not specify categorically that he was removed, but rather sought to give an impression that it was a planned leadership change.
Employees dna spoke to said that till date, the organisation has not officially communicated to them if there will be a leadership change. “There is apprehension of many of us he (Pachauri) may try to influence those who are in support of the complainant and some who supported fear intimidation,” said an employee of TERI on the condition of anonymity. The employee added, “He has been meeting all departments regularly to discuss fund-raising and is likely to be the chief guest at Teri University’s Independence Day function.” The employees raised their concerns at a time when the complainant wrote a four- page long letter to the Prime Minister drawing his attention to the pace of investigation in the case of alleged sexual harassment.
Pachauri is also contesting the report of the Internal Complaints Committee ( ICC) that found him guilty of misconduct and misuse of authority in the Industrial Tribunal. The Tribunal has already stayed the ICC’s report, on the grounds that the principal of natural justice was not followed. But curiously, the case also has TERI as one of the respondents at a time when Pachauri continues as its DG. The Tribunal’s next hearing is in September.

dna enquired with TERI’s communications department as to when is the leadership change being effected but did not receive any clear response. Though Pachauri’s lawyer Ashish Dixit declined to give any statement on the issue, close aides of the climate scientist informed dna that Pachauri will continue to serve in his capacity as the Director-General till Ajay Mathur makes himself available to take charge and also as the Chancellor of Teri University.”

Update 20 Augustus 2015

Daily News & Analysis of India 20-8-2015: Pachauri mag van een rechter in Delhi naar China en Japan tot 1 september voor het bijwonen van een strategische dialoog in de voorbereiding van de conferentie in Parijs en in Japan treft hij de voormalige milieuminister die toevallig ook bestuurlid is van TERI. Volgens zijn advocaat wil hij niet vluchten en werkt hij mee aan het onderzoek. Hij moet zich van de rechter wel aan enkele regels houden, zoals melding bij de Indiase ambassades en overlegging van reispapieren. In de Indiase pers wordt hij overigens nog steeds climate scientist genoemd.


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